Ashley Greene Comic Con Redcarpet Interviews + Fan Videos

Fri, 07.22.11 | 8:20:20 am

E! Interview

On The Red Carpet Interview

MTV interview with Ashley and Kellan (Exclusive)


Associate Press Report/Interview

Access Hollywood Interview

Fandango Interview

Ashley signing autographs for Fans:


(Ashley is around the 1:00 mark)

There are 2 more fan videos but they won’t embed so check them out at the source: Video 1 || Video 2 ||

Short Video from Breaking Dawn Panel

Another short video but it won’t embed so check it out at the source: Video

Press Conference videos can be found here

EW interview

Extended interview here

Breaking Dawn Panel

AMCMovieNews interview

Paparazzi Videos: Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser & Nikki Reed  arrive at Comic Con

Full Breaking Dawn Panel Videos (Thanks to
(Ashley joins around the 16:45 mark)

Moviefone Interview (Ashley comes around 1:16)

Same video in the original quality can be found here

MTV interview

If the video doesn’t load check it out at the source

ScreenSlam Interview:
(Ashley is around the 1:54 mark)

More videos from the Breaking Dawn Panel (HD)
(Ashley joins at 2:55)

More HD videos (different angle)
(Ashley joins at 6:00)

Summit Entertainmet coverage
(Ashley is at 0:20, 0:35 and 2:41)

Another video of Ashley with fans:

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