Scans of Ashley Greene from different magazines

Thu, 08.11.11 | 10:18:05 am

Thanks to, we have this scan of a short new Comic Con interview with Ashley, Nikki Reed, Julia Jones, Elizabeth Reaser and Boo Boo Stewart from an August issue of magazine called “TV Plus English”.


Q: What did you keep from set?

A: Or steal? I have a couple of things. They’ve been part of our lives for so long that I felt we had a right to take something. I took Alice’s necklace and a pair of American Apparel pants – which is ridiculous, but they are so comfortable – and big Jackie-O sunglasses that were iconic for Alice in one of the instalments. I took things that I know I’ll treasure 20 years from now.

Q: How are fans now? Still as intense as when it first started?

A: Everything gets crazier whenever a premiere is coming up. Instead of there being two paparazzi, there are 25, and there’s suddenly an interest in what we’re eating and what kind of dog we have.

We also have  a scan of a pic of Ashley with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez at the Teen Choice Awards from “Hollywood Reporter” Magazine, and a new Breaking Dawn still from Entertainment Weekly!

Sources: 1, 2, 3 respectively.

Ashley in the Italian edition of Glamour:

Source | Via

Better quality scan of the new still from Breaking Dawn:


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