Candids+Video: Ashley Greene at the Gym (August 18)

Fri, 08.19.11 | 8:51:22 am

Ashley is back to her workout routine and was spotted leaving her gym, in LA on Thursday (August 18).

Download Zip File (x40 HQs)

10 Responses to “Candids+Video: Ashley Greene at the Gym (August 18)”

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  3. Jasmine said

    Looks like she has a tattoo behind her left ear, you can see it in picture 13. I haven’t noticed it before, it looks like a tattoo but could be something else…

  4. Jasmine said

    Yeah, I wonder when she got it and what it means, it looks like a key or something.

  5. well its just a tattoo. millions of people have them. hell I have some on my arms myself. Its no big deal. I find it funny how teen mags and tabloids always make a big deal out of it when celebs get new tattoos. Ash wanted one and she got one. Nothing unusual about it :)

    • 247greene said

      Tabloids haven’t reported about it (yet) and as far as we are concerned no one is making a big deal of it. It’s simply an observation. This is an Ashley fan-page and just like how fans comment about her, say having a new hair color, it’s only natural to point it out something like a new tattoo if they/we notice it :)

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    • Liz said

      Ashley definitely has a tattoo – and a beautiful and sweetie tattoo. This is not a big deal, but I didn’t have notice before, just now. And it’s a Tiffany’s key. *-*

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