Ashley Greene lends her hand for Valspar Paint Hands For Habitant!

Mon, 08.22.11 | 1:20:19 pm

Ashley was among celebrities who joined the Valspar Hands for Habitat program that auctions the handprints of celebrities and other notable personalities to benefit Habitat for Humanity’s relief efforts in Haiti. The colorful handprints were made using Valspar Paint.

Habitat for Humanity and Valspar Paint are proud to bring you Valspar Hands for Habitat, an auction of one-of-a-kind, autographed handprints from your favorite celebrities. Each celebrity handprint, created using Valspar Paint, will support Habitat for Humanity’s relief efforts in Haiti.

Notable personalities from film, television, sports, music and design have teamed up to “lend a hand” in support of Habitat for Humanity by donating their own handprints for auction. This unique auction features a 14” x 14” canvas containing handprints and autographs from the celebrity supporter.

Proceeds from the auction will support Habitat’s goal to serve 50,000 families that were impacted by Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, helping them move them toward safe, secure and permanent housing.

The proceeds for this item benefit Habitat for Humanity International

You can bid on Ashley’s handprint (and little Marlo’s pawprint!) Here

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4 Responses to “Ashley Greene lends her hand for Valspar Paint Hands For Habitant!”

  1. Rachel said

    Does Ashley still have her dog Theo? It just seems like she only ever talks about her one dog.

    • 247greene said

      I think he mostly stays with her brother and his girlfriend now. They lived with Ashley for a couple of months when they first moved to LA, so he might have gotten used to them and they decided to adopt him when they moved out to their new place.

  2. […] recursos para este item beneficiam o Habitat for Humanity International. Fonte Ashley sempre demonstrando ter um grande coração e saber a importância de sua […]

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