Mod note: Ashley Greene targeted by Hacker Group

Thu, 09.01.11 | 1:09:16 pm

A couple of days ago, a personal piece of information that belongs to Ashley was released online by a new hacker group that’s targeting Hollywood stars. Ashley’s privacy was once again not respected at all and as a fan-site we are definitely not going to give  them or any website that’s posting it further hits by linking to them and I ask you to do the same.

Aside from the fact that it’s a blatant invasion to Ashley’s privacy this is a legal dispute and by looking for the info, using it or passing it around in any way, shape or form you are further exploiting it and exposing yourself for legal liability. Any comments with links, that ask for or share the info will be removed.

Thanks for your cooperation.
24/7 Greene

You can read more about this on and

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