Ashley Greene’s ‘Butter’: Early reviews and audience buzz

Sun, 09.04.11 | 12:34:08 pm

  ‘Butter’ starring Ashley Greene along with Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Olivia Wilde, Yara Shahidi, Alicia Silverstone, Ty Burrell, Rob Corrdry and Kristen Schaal had its world premiere at Telluride Film Festival yesterday (Sept 3rd), and will also screen at Toronto International Film Festival next week. The film was well received at  Telluride and  generated mostly favorable buzz! Check some of the early reviews under the cut (Feel free to add more to the comments!)


(click on titles to read the full reviews)

HitFix: ‘…. but it’s the rest of the ensemble that really help the picture keep it’s comedic footing.  Most notably, Olivia Wilde who steals the show as a slutty stripper trying to get a little bit of revenge on both Picklers.  Corddry is sharp, but also warm and pleasantly effective as Destiny’s foster dad.  Hugh Jackman has some brief scenes as a goofball former flame of Laura’s which plays against his traditional type.  Ashley Greene, appearing in her first real comedy, surpasses expectations as the Pickler’s older teenage daughter and Kristen Schaal also has some nice moments as a Pickler fan who discovers she just doesn’t have the carving chops of her idol. ‘

‘In many ways, “Butter” has a lot of familiar elements of comedies such as “Juno,” “Waitress” and a few Christopher Guest mini-classics (“Best in Show” comes to mind), but the unexpected political jabs and the butter carving culture make it more original than it may appear at first glance. ‘ – Gregory Ellwood (B+)

FirstShowing:The cast, besides Garner who often was far too often over-the-top in her performance is where this film really shines. Not only with Destiny (Yara Shahidi) and Bob (Ty Burrell), but supporting cast members including Olivia Wilde as a stripper (just wait until you see her in this), Hugh Jackman as a car salesman, Kristen Schaal as an avid Pickler fan, Ashley Greene as the Pickler’s daughter, and Alicia Silverstone and Rob Corddry as Destiny’s foster parents.’ – Alex Billington (8 out of 10)

Deadline: ‘The edgy, smart comedy played liked gangbusters at its first packed screening at the Galaxy theatre. There were big laughs for the small town butter carving satire which may get a year end release from the Weinstein Company to qualify for awards, especially Golden Globes.’ – Pete Hammond

HollywoodReporter: ‘The film is an often edgy comedy masquerading as a political satire about the skullduggery and shenanigans surrounding a butter-carving contest in Iowa, which Garner’s character Laura Pickler proudly brags is “where all the great battles begin.” (It would have been interesting to watch George Clooney’s The Ides of March in a double bill.) The film has plenty of laughs and a slew of great supporting turns.’ – Jay A. Fernandez

LA Times: ‘But the lineup isn’t all grim, and one of this year’s sneak previews — Jennifer Garner’s “Butter” — is as broad a satirical comedy as Telluride has ever shown. After not getting into this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the makers of the movie about backroom intrigue, sexual dalliances and sabotage at an Iowa butter carving competition fine-tuned their movie, bringing it to Telluride for its world premiere.Unlike several of the new features debuting in this former mining town, “Butter,” whose release date hasn’t been set by the Weinstein Co., doesn’t have awards aspirations. Its udder heart rests with what you smear on your toast, on a much larger scale.’ – John Horn

AWARDS DAILY: Earlier tonight saw and loved Butter – definitely dark and sick humor but ultimately funny and satisfying (to me). – Sasha Stone

Variety: ‘Not since “Last Tango in Paris” has butter been so subversive onscreen as it is in the hypocrisy-skewering, dairy-carving comedy “Butter,” a wicked Midwest satire with razor blades stashed beneath its bright candy-apple surface. Bound to alienate as many as it endears, this highly stylized, mean-streak send-up may not be to everybody’s taste, but there can be no doubt it heralds the arrival of a talented new voice in first-time screenwriter Jason Micallef — and the best bigscreen use of Jennifer Garner’s comedy gifts since “13 Going on 30.” Pic’s only obstacle to blue-ribbon B.O. is its decidedly R-rated sensibility.’ – Peter Debruge


‘Butter, with Jennifer Garner, Black List script – Fantastic! Funny, has heart, great performances, surprisingly delightful. #Telluride’ – Alex Billington

‘Butter is a cute comedy in the vein of Waitress, but with some effective R-rated laughs.’ HitFix Gregory Ellwood

‘Shocker Twilight fans – Ashley Greene [spoiler-ish] makes out with Olivia Wilde in new #telluride comedy Butter’ – HitFix Gregory Ellwood

‘Telluride: Butter is an R rated political satire with some pretty good laughs.’ – Jay A. Fernandez

Audience buzz:

oh @ashleymgreene & @oliviawilde fantastic in #Butter. & Rob Cordry. & @kristenschaaled. & Jackman. And how much do I <3 Alicia Silverstone – @julesette66

BUTTER one of fest faves so far. Edgy, funny & smart comedy. Still talking about it this am as we wait in line to start another day. #TFF38 –  @yvetteLA

Just saw premiere of Butter – Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde…very funny and sardonic political comedy.- @AMMcrosby

One word to remember movie buffs, “#BUTTER”!!!! :AhhhhmaZing!! ;-) –  @AngelDeLuca

Curious if Paula Deen has seen BUTTER – will probably be her new favourite movie :) #Telluride #TIFF–  @thefilmchick

Butter, Jen Garner’s latest, was hysterical. The little girl was amazing. #Telluride –  @kevinberk

I laughed so hard during Butter-it’s hilarious & I’m in love with the little girl! #TFF38@jenniferwgriggs

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