Ashley Greene: Fashion’s Night Out in NYC (Sept 8)

Thu, 09.08.11 | 9:29:49 pm

Ashley along with friend and hairstylist Ted Gibson and mark.© held a party to celebrate the Fashion’s Night Out in NY (Sept 8). Check Ashley’s first pics from the event, plus really cute fan pics and story under the cut!



“I just love Ashley Greene! I waited for like 20 minutes for her to come out of an event and as always I was SO nervous. Once I saw her in the doorway she smiled at me and my friend was like “Ashley this is your biggest fan shes about to cry,” and she ran to me and said “Dont cry! Youre going to mess up your mascara!” That made me want to cry even more! After I asked her to take a ‘kissy’ face picture and she agreed to and as we were about to take it she faced the camera said, “Umm,” and then turned to my face like she was going to kiss me.. OMG LIFE <3” – Source

More pics from the event:

Sources MIFE,2,3,4,5,6

Ashley also shot a new photoshoot for mark.© cosmetics (Spring 2012) earlier on the day. Check out a pic of her with Tyron Barrington (a producer & casting director at Avon) on the set of the photoshoot:


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