Actress Suzanne Ford talks ‘The Apparition’

Fri, 09.09.11 | 4:46:29 pm

Check out this new interview with actress Suzanne Ford where she talks about ‘The Apparition‘ story and her role in the film:

One of your latest projects, The Apparition, is in post-production. Can you fill us in on the story line and tell us a little bit about your character?

Well, the story is terrifying, and is supposedly based on a real event, which in my opinion makes it even scarier. It’s also filmed (by director Todd Lincoln) very realistically, so people should be prepared to be freaked. In a nutshell (and trying not to give away any plot twists) the young couple Kelly and Ben, played by Ashley and Sebastian, are horrified to find out that they are being haunted, and hunted, by a supernatural force – an ‘apparition’ that was apparently accidentally conjured during a college parapsychology experiment. They turn to a guy who is an expert in the supernatural named Patrick, played by Tom Felton, who they hope can help, but it might be too late. Terror ensues.
My character, the flamboyant Mrs. Henley, appears briefly at a veterinarian’s office in an obscure desert town where Kelly is living in an attempt to evade the apparition. Mrs. Henley is an overtan, over madeup, bejeweled and talkative desert-denizen cat lover, and was a lot of fun to play. (I understand, however, that due to editing necessities my scene was almost entirely cut out of the film, so unfortunately you may not get a chance to see much of Mrs. H., as she was more comic relief than plot-driven.)

The three primary cast members come from other projects that have strong fan bases, (Ashley – Twilight, Tom – Harry Potter, Sebastian – Gossip Girl) were there any issues with fans interrupting shooting or waiting around to see them?

Miraculously enough, there weren’t crowds of fans – at least during my time on the set, which luckily was in an out-of-the-way location on the outskirts of Los Angeles, so the fans and the paparazzi seemed not to have discovered it, although I remember seeing some photos taken of Ashley on that very set, even though at the time I was completely unaware of any photographers lurking around. I must say that everyone on the crew was prepared, vigilant and very efficient at making the shoot run like clockwork, so I’m sure they had a master plan designed to avoid such eventualities.


Had its release date stayed the same, the Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan-starrer would open in theaters today (9/9/2011). Unfortunately, it now stands at a TBD 2012 release date. Bummer.

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