Masterpost: Ashley Greene ‘Breaking Dawn’ Paris Fan Event (October 23)

Sun, 10.23.11 | 10:48:43 am

  Ashley attended the ‘Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part I’ red carpet and fan event in Paris, France as part of the European promotional tour with co-star Robert Pattinson (October 23). Keep checking back, we’ll be adding more updates as they come!


Download all pics here

New additions (weren’t included in the zip)

ImageBam image upload

Source: Pattinsonlife

Fanpics: | | r-pattinsonn.skyrock

New Videos:

Q&A (more HQ videos)

New featurette video:







LQ and Fanpics

Sources: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13







LQ and Fanpics

Sources: 1,2,3,5




LQ and Fanpics

Sources/via: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10



Full Q&A session: If you can’t view the video check it out at the source or download it here
It’s now on Youtube:

Q&A (HQ)

Q&A (HQ, Different angle)

Q&A (GQ)

Q&A (These have better audio quality)
Ashley posing with Rob in the beginning of this one


Leaving HQ:

Walking into the theater:

Ashley signing autographs for fans upon arriving at the red carpet (1:40) and later when leaving the theater (4:10)

Another video:

Talking to press (around 2:10)

Red carpet interview:

Ashley signing autographs:

Getty Video (Whole event coverage)


Ashley and Rob signing autographs:

Red carpet interview (Talks Breaking Dawn, L.O.L with Miley Cyrus

New footage of her with fans at the end of this video

Ashley posing solo and with Rob at the photocall (around the 2:30 mark)

Another video (around 0:47)


Fan Accounts:


@LoveInTuscany: Both very generous. Even wrote autographs when coming out the back door. Looked stunning!

@LoveInTuscany After having the best day ever yesterday, today was the worst. The pushing and squeezing got so bad that I couldn’t breath, I haven’t had a foot left on the ground, my left leg was two people over and they were leaning on my arm so hard I thought it’s gonna snap. Short from having an anxiety attack, I started snacking and crying. Dean noticed and tried to stop the people from pushing but it didn’t work. A woman who was with Ashley quickly got security an they lifted me onto the carpet. Never thought that I was going to be one of those people. But thankfully it wasn’t because I was the one freaking out. I’m better now, just a bit shaken. They all took good care of me and got me water and two people from the ‘Red Cross’. French people and Rob’s/Ashley’s people are really nice and helpful. Just when we were leaving, Rob and Ashley came out the back door and wrote a few more autographs. Great people and I’m officially #TeamDean

LoveTheStew Ashley was really beautiful ! I don’t particulary like her but she was so nice !! I told her ” you’re so pretty” and she said ” awww thank you ! you’re all so nice” and then I asked her ” do you like paris” and she said ” yeaaah i love paris i wish i could stay” and i said ” stay !” and she laughed :-)

maza75 whoua im soooooo happyyyy amazing videos Rob amazing as usual he o dazzling cant get used to it ahah and @AshleyMGreene The best! shes had the biggest smile on her face when she said i love you too and was like omg marlo!! this is the cutest autograph ever

Fantastique_W @AshleyMGreene was so nice and Rob so cute :)
Virgiiniex3 @AshleyMGreene Thank you for your visit to Paris, for your kindness and your smile! xoxo
@AshleyMGreene thank you Ashley, it was great to see you in Paris ! I hope you’ll come back soon. Much love from Paris <3

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  1. I just sent you an email with a link of a page where you can find all those MQ pictures, untagged! :)

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