Masterpost: Ashley Greene Stockholm Fan Event (Oct 28)

Fri, 10.28.11 | 12:28:31 pm

Ashley attended the ‘Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part I’ red carpet and fan event in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the European promotional tour with co-star Robert Pattinson (October 28). Keep checking back for more updates!





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Sources:1,2,3, 4,5


Tons more here
Sources: 1,2


Sources:1,2,3,4,5, 6


The Full Coverage in GQ (including the part after the Q&A session)

If it says video is unavailable try watching it on youtube

Ashley and Rob arriving and signing autographs:

Q&A [HQ]

Red Carpet interview:


Part 1:

Part 2:






Ina_Angel @AshleyMGreene signing autographs right now in Stockholm, Sweden – she’s very very nice to her fans!!

:ashley greene is so lovely w/ her fans in sweden
ThinkingofRob Rob and Ashley still in the crowds, signing and taking pics with fans. #BDStockholm
PattinsonUK: Ashley is still signing
RobStenation Ashley is so pretty and so sweet to the fans :)
PattinsonPost: Ashley signing as fast as she can, but you can tell they gotta go! So nice to her fans @AshleyMGreene#BDStockholm
247Greene: Ashley stayed behind a bit to sign a few more autographs <3 She’s headed backstage now.

ForeverAGreene :I was the crying girl in Sweden today! :’) You have changed my life, I love you so much I can hardly breathe @AshleyMGreene <3 Forever.

_Amanda_Ekvall_ :I met @AshleyMGreene and Robert Pattinson tonight at Twilight fan event, Stockholm. Just saying, Ashley is a total sweetheart <3

smurfismurfan :@AshleyMGreene I’m so thankful over that you take your time to sign my paper!I wish I have get Rob’s autograf but i didn’t #TeamAlice <3

hheymama :@AshleyMGreene Thank you so much for coming to Sweden! You looked stunning last night. I hope you enjoyed your time here! We love you!
psIminlove: @AshleyMGreene When you said “thank you, thank you” to me, and acc looked at me yesterday, I started to cry. I’ll keep that forever /Sandra
ninafreakingout:god i have such amazing pictures of ashley. she really took her time and signed everything, and took all pictures and stuff. that really amazed me. how thoughtful and great they were. like they didnt want to disappoint anyone, not skipping a single person.

gossip_dance: Rob and Ashley have left in seperate cars.

2 Responses to “Masterpost: Ashley Greene Stockholm Fan Event (Oct 28)”

  1. Rachel said

    I wish there was a picture of her alone up close. I really like her dress and shoes but it’s hard to see when she’s sitting down.

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