Ashley Greene: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Fan Event in Atlanta (Nov. 7)

Mon, 11.07.11 | 4:44:42 pm

Ashley, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Charlie Bewley and singer Christina Perri kicked off the ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast and Concert Tour in Atlanta, GA today (November 7th). Keep checking back for more updates from the event as they come!


ET Interview with the cast:

Watch it in original quality here

New read carpet interviews with Ashley and the cast: (Ashley is at 6:29)

Another one:

lil_ms_lovely:  High-fiving @NikkiReed_I_Am, @alchemission, @AshleyMGreene & @JacksonRatbone! And my friend said I wouldn’t?!




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Fan account:

My friend and I with Jackson! I asked him to sign my Ashley Green Maxim Mag, he looked at it and he was like “DAMN ASHLEY” and then turned around to look for her like he was going to tell her but she was too far back. It was too cute.

Ashley signing for us! :) When I showed her the Maxim I told her what Jackson said and she laughed and was like “It’s always that beach picture that gets em’” LOL




“Twilight: Breaking Dawn” cast members Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Charlie Bewley and Nikki Reed visited Atlanta Monday night for a fan event that packed the Buckhead Theatre to the rafters. (Click here for more photos).

Interview with the vampires: "Twilight" cast members Jackson Rathbone, from left, Ashley Greene, Charlie Bewley and Nikki Reed at the Buckhead Theatre Monday. Photo credit: Pouya Dianat/Summit Entertainment.

B 98.5 FM Morning Show team Vikki Locke, Kelly Stevens and Jessica Forkel moderated a question and answer session, and soundtrack artist Christina Perri performed. The place was teeming with screaming tweens (and let’s be honest, many of their equally excited moms!)

Luckily we got a few quiet moments back stage with the actors before the event began.

Here’s what we talked about.

AJC: Are you sort of sad that this is the next-to-last “Twilight” movie?

Greene: Maybe we’re in denial. We’re still going to see each other. It’s not over yet!

Reed: We stepped into this knowing how many books there were. We knew what we were getting into.

Greene: It’s nice to finish out the franchise.

AJC: Talk about the dynamics on the set as the series became so incredibly popular.

Rathbone: It’s been an incredible learning experience. I’ve been able to learn from an amazing cast. I’ve heard stories where the love of the books has brought a mother and daughter closer.

Reed: It did change. The first movie was so much more innocent. When you’re making a movie you’re just hoping one person will watch it. There is a hierarchy on set. It would be weird to say we all have the same size trailers. We all still look at each other as equals though. As wonderful as Rob, Kristen and Taylor are – and this is their movie – everyone on this entire franchise has to work hard. What’s important is to focus on doing good work.

Bewley: This has really changed Kristen’s career. Rob is so upright and well-spoken. He knows when he walks in a room he commands attention, and everybody wants something from him.

Greene: We are like family. It’s not something most people have experienced. For me, it was one of my first gigs. We all kind of grew up a little bit. We’re all extremely thankful to have been involved in this. We’re all going to miss each other.

Rathbone: It’s important to realize we are artists. What we do is more recognized because of what we do. People are artists in their own right. We’re no different than anyone else.

AJC: What’s it like when you meet fans?

Reed: When you play the mean character in a series, that does affect how people think of you. The first thing people say to me when they meet me is, ‘So, you’re not mean?’

Greene: Our characters are such a departure of who we are. I don’t like watching movies I’m in!

AJC: You all do so many interviews. What’s your least favorite question?

Bewley: Team Edward/Team Jacob questions. It’s so annoying.

Reed: But that’s what fans want to know!

AJC: So, Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Greene: Because I play his sister, I’m team Edward.

Reed: I’m not. I’m very much Team Jacob. When I read the books, I was so invested in their romance. I think (Bella) should be with Jacob.


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