Ashley Greene Featured in “The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer”

Sun, 12.04.11 | 11:00:49 am


click on the pic for fullsize

These may not be new photos for most of you, but they’ve been newly featured in Ashley’s friend “Pantera” Sarah Uphoff’s  and photographer Darren Tieste’s “The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer”. Read more about the book below:

The Beauty Book is a hard cover coffee table book with images of your favorite celebrities, musicians and top models. All the monies raised will go directly to brain cancer research via two charities called SNOG & HEADRUSH. These charitable organizations are non-profit and both rely on donations and fundraising.

Darren Tieste founded this project in February 2009, after losing his dear friend, Natalie Sattler Esposito, to brain cancer in September 2008 – she was 35 years old.  In April 2010, he was introduced to an amazing person, “Pantera” Sarah Uphoff, whose mom, Louise, was battling brain cancer at the time. Pantera joined forces with Darren to rally many of her super-star celebrity friends to be photographed. In July 2011, during the second year of photographing people for the book, her mom lost her battle with the disease. Pantera and Darren have never been more determined to raise mega dollars for brain cancer research. Every year, 17,000 Americans, 2,000 Australians and 280,000 humans worldwide are diagnosed with brain tumors. Brain cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer related deaths in patients younger than 35.

To order your own copy click here!

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