Reminder: Ashley Greene on ‘Pan Am’..Tonight!

Sun, 12.04.11 | 11:30:22 am

Ashley’s guest arc on the period drama ‘Pan Am’ will start tonight, December 4th, 10 EST | 9 central on ABC! After today’s episode, reruns will play over the holidays and the show will return beginning of January with five more episodes, three of which will also guest star Ashley!

If you are in North America make sure to tune in for all the upcoming episodes. It must be expected there would be a significant boost on Pan Am’s ratings with Ashley coming aboard, and we don’t want to disappoint ;)! Ratings are actually very crucial at this point. ABC announced that they’re committed to airing all the 14 episodes of the season, but whether or not the show will be cancelled afterwards or come back for a second season is still undecided. The ratings for the remaining 6 episodes and the reruns will be the basis for ABC’s decision. If you can’t watch, just make sure to switch to ABC on Sundays at 10 ET and mute the voice, or DVR the show and watch it within the next 24 hours (you won’t be counted otherwise). It’s actually really good and deserves a chance to grow and find its audience.

So, don’t forget to tune in for Ashley’s first appearance tonight, and feel free to come back here and discuss the episode in the comments!

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