Thanks to foforks, we have this first look at Ashley Greene’s DKNY Jeans advert campaign now featured on a giant billboard in Times Square, NYC! Ashley was  announced back in October as the new face for DKNY and DKNY Jeans, and will appear  in the brand’s global campaign for Spring 2012 shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

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If you’d like to see it up close, it’s on the 7th Ave and W46th St corner | Thanks srp_mrg!

Politiken TV interview: | Talks Danish Filmmakers interview now on Youtube:

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Ashley Greene makes guest appearance on the Holiday Gift Boutique. Kicking off the season’s celebration Ashley Greene exclusively reveals her wish list of must-have gift items from Shopbop for the holidays and gives an intimate insight into her holiday plans and daily style recommendations.

We have created a shoppable virtual window display, reminiscent of brick and mortar stores. The boutique: presents five curated decorative holiday windows each featuring a fantastical spin on a female archetype with an endless variety of items from fashion, lifestyle, decorative, books, and jewelry accessories.

Having just premiered the latest Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, and slated to release five major studio films in the next 2 years, Ashley Greene is now one of Hollywood’s most sought-after young film actresses. She was also just announced as the face of DKNY and DKNY jeans on October 2011.

An international figure recognized for her confident, modern style Ashley Greene best represents the spirit and global face of the Shopbop woman today, who will be able to relate to her versatile and authentic approach to fashion.

We are excited to have her as our guest and for our customers to have the opportunity to be exposed to their style icon.

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Her role as Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga has made Ashley Greene one of Hollywood’s most recognized and sought-after young talents.Breaking Dawn is in theatres now, and Greene has five major studio films slated for release in the next two years. We talked style, Twilight, and holiday traditions with the actress.

SHOPBOP: What’s your daily fashion staple?
ASHLEY GREENE: A great pair of well-fitting skinny jeans works with any outfit. My go-to is DKNY.

SB: How would you describe your style?
AG: Ever-evolving. But generally, I stick to pretty classic and comfortable pieces, and dress them up with statement jewelry.

SB: Who is your style icon?
AG: Audrey Hepburn is my ultimate style icon. I also love Gwenyth Paltrow and Kate Bosworth.

SB: The Twilight saga is coming to a close. What’s next on your acting agenda?
AG: I have a bunch of movies coming out next year, which I’m really excited about: a thriller called The Apparition, a comedy called Butter, and a coming-of-age comedy called LOL. I just signed on for an action film called Olivia Twisted and to be the new face of DKNY, so I have that to look forward to as well.

SB: What is your favorite holiday tradition?
AG: My Aunt Ida makes an amazing chocolate derby pie, which I look forward to every holiday season!

SB: How do you plan to celebrate the holidays this year?
AG: I’m going to Mexico with my family. I’m excited to relax and spend time with them!

SB: This holiday season, what’s the number one item on your wish list?
AG: Time with my family. This past year has been a fantastic whirlwind, so I’m grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with them this holiday season.

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MYSPACE Interview with Ashley Greene!

Fri, 11.18.11 | 7:37:56 am

Interview: ‘Breaking Dawn’s’ Ashley Greene on Bella’s wedding (beautiful), avoiding craft service (impossible), and why filming the birth scene was ‘unintentionally funny’

Sorry girls, not only is Ashley Greene super pretty, but she has to go and be a total sweetheart. Don’t you just hate that? The vampire best friend every ‘Twilight‘ fan wishes she had (or could be) was every bit as sunny and sweet as her onscreen counterpart, Alice Cullen, and just as gorgeous to boot. Below, we chat about some good old girly stuff like Bella’s wedding fashion, plus, she dishes on the cast being “like family,” and reveals why filming the infamous birth scene was “unintentionally funny.” But first, girl talk:

ASHLEY GREENE: I love your hair!
MYSPACE: Well, thank you, it’s very easy to do, just pin it all up! I really like your red blouse, it’s pretty.
ASHLEY GREENE: (She’s shyly tugging at her shirt) Thank you. Sometimes, I don’t know who they make these things for. Supermodels with longer torsos apparently!

MYSPACE: (laughing – she looks fantastic) No! It looks great! Speaking of fashion, this film had a lot of anticipation around the wedding, and especially the wedding dress. How did you feel seeing the wedding scene for the first time or seeing Kristen in her wedding dress?
ASHLEY GREENE: It was very exciting, and, extremely realistic. Honestly, I think part of it is that we’ve become his family and so you know, I do have a relationship with these people and these characters. So you try as an actor, to make it as real as possible and, I mean, it was beautiful and it was very intimate. They kept it, you know, it was kind of a closed set. It definitely affected most of the actors who play the Cullens. So it was kind of a beautiful thing. And seeing Kristen, or Bella, walk down this aisle in this beautiful gown and I mean, she’s stunning, that was a really cool thing to be a part of.
You know, I read the books. I was very excited to see how they did it as well. I didn’t really get to see much of the actual aesthetic of the wedding early. I got to see the dresses beforehand, so I kind of knew about that. But it was all kind of a surprise.
MYSPACE: Do you consider yourself more like a girly-girl? Were you really excited about the clothes? I mean, I know you’re a red carpet stunner, but is that a part of your personality?
ASHLEY GREENE: I do love fashion – I have an appreciation of it. It’s something that I’ve learned a lot about over the past probably four years, five years, because I grew up in Florida, and wore like jeans and flip flops. But once I was introduced to fashion and different designers and kind of learned and was schooled on fashion, then I became a big fan of it and appreciate it more, because I think that these designers are artists in their right. I love Donna Karan and I just got named the face of DKNY so that’s a good relationship – I went to a couple of fashion shows and started talking and this came out of it, so that was really exciting!
MYSPACE: Back to the movie – the story goes from this beautiful wedding scene and honeymoon to a total nightmare. Bella is dying and you know, Kristen’s wearing this crazy zombie makeup to capture that, and all the Cullens are wasting away as well. What was it like seeing Kristen in that makeup for the first time and also what was your experience being a Cullen in starvation mode?
ASHLEY GREENE: (laughing) Um, I can’t say I fully committed to the starvation thing!
You would like to be able to say, “Oh, well I’m just going to not eat” but craft services ruins that!
Kristen I mean, she just looked unhealthy when she put the prosthetics on! ‘Cause even though you know that they’re prosthetics, you can’t help but think they look like protruding bones and they did a really great job. And so it’s very creepy and I think, you know, you have to use it and allow yourself to think that it’s real and so it was disturbing seeing that. And to think that, you know, Bella’s let herself come to this and she’s still fighting for this child that’s clearly kind of eating away at her. It was, um, certainly, the darkest thing that I think Alice that has to deal with!
MYSPACE: Now that Alice and Bella are officially sisters and you got to play around with a protective streak, is there anything in your own personality that you feel you were able to bring to that?
ASHLEY GREENE: I think from the very beginning I instantly related to the fact that Alice is so loyal and so dedicated to her family, ’cause I’m very close to my family and they are kind of my whole world and I think she’s the same way. So I think, you know, that kind of crossed over into ‘Breaking Dawn.’ I’m generally pretty optimistic and I am not a violent person, but I think if someone messes with your family, all bets are off. You would kind of go to the ends of the earth to protect them and I certainly relate to that, so it wasn’t really that far off me having to kind of portray that with Alice.
MYSPACE: And, it’s not all doom and gloom in the movie, there are some really funny moments in there too. What was one of the fun moments for you on set?
ASHLEY GREENE: Oh, gosh, we had a lot of fun doing the dancing!
(Ashley and Jackson bust some pretty impressive ‘Dancing with the Stars’ moves during the wedding celebration)
MYSPACE: You really cut a rug with Jackson there!
ASHLEY GREENE: Yeah! Thank God I’ve known him for so long. I really do trust him and I think that you have to. Because, you know, we were doing this in heels and it was raining, so it was slick! And he actually has training in swing and all these other things. He knows how to do everything, so that was really helpful for me, ’cause I’d never done any of that style dancing. That was really fun.

What was unintentionally funny for us was filming the actual birthing scene. Because it was so intense that we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves! We were all sitting in this room and it was towards the end of shooting too, so I think we were a little tired. And you know, we were just looking at each other and going like “Are we doing this or? (laughing) you know, and – “How do we? How do you portray this?” And we were all so nervous and there’s cameras right on your face and it was going around and we would film it and then just start cracking up, like “Oh, my God, did this just happen? Did you see that happen?” It was funny to us, but it would never come across that way on screen.
Hopefully! (laughing)
MYSPACE: Don’t worry – it looks disgusting and terrifying
MYSPACE: Rapid fire, tell me first concert you ever went to, first CD you ever bought, your favorite music video, the most recent album you bought and the most recent concert you went to.
ASHLEY GREENE: Okay, the first concert I ever went to, I think it was, um, not Tim McGraw… Who’s the guy with the alter-ego. He was a country singer… Garth Brooks! That was the first. I don’t know why I blanked on that… That was the first concert I went to — it was like a smaller thing and, it was way before the Chris Gaines thing. I was a huge country fan, see I grew up on dirt roads, so huge country fan.Listen to Garth Brooks radio at:
The first CD I ever bought is Fiona Apple. I mean, I think my parents got me, you know, I had The Little Mermaid and had Beauty and the Beast and everything. But Fiona Apple, I remember really loving that CD as a kid. It’s a really dark CD to like, but it was good music! She’s a really good musician.

Listen to Fiona Apple radio at:
The music video I really love, I just re-watched it, it’s really sad, but the Rascal Flatts, What Hurts the Most video. It’s really devastating and it’s so sad and it makes me cry every time, but I think it was just so beautifully done and it was a bit like a movie. Coupled with his voice being so incredible, it just always moves me and so that’s one of my favorite music videos:

The last album I bought was by Adele, and the last concert I went to was actually, the Clinton Foundation Concert. It was so cool, the mix of people they had, that was incredible. I really like going to shows like that, because they play four songs and it’s, you know, such a variety of different artists, so that’s the last one.
MYSPACE: Very cool, good list!

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 Ashley Greene attended the premiere of ‘Breaking Dawn: Part I’ at Nokia Theatre L.A. in Los Angeles, California on November 14th, 2011. For Photos click here

MTV interview from the LiveStream: [Talks fans, the dancing scene with Jackson + more]

ET interview from the LiveStream: [Talks Donna Karan, DKNY deal & wrapping Breaking Dawn]

  Yahoo! Movies interview from the Livestream

new interviews added under the cut..

Ashley sat down with CNN on November 8th to talk Alice Cullen and answer your iReport questions! Click on the above pic to watch the interview on


More pics and videos of Ashley and co-star Robert Pattinson from their stops in Paris, Brussels and Stockholm to promote ‘Breaking Dawn – Part I’. Check the new updates under the cut, and make sure to visit the following posts for more:

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Ashley is the new face for DKNY and DKNY Jeans!

DKNY announced today, October 19, via their official Twitter and tumblr page that Ashley has inked an exclusive one year deal to be the brand ambassador! She will be photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin to appear in the brand’s global ad campaigns for Spring 2012.

From the official Press Release:

Patti Cohen, Donna Karan International’s executive vice president for global marketing and communications, told, “Ashley embodies everything DKNY—her energy, her spirit, her eclectic personal style. She is on the forefront of what it means to connect with a global fan base through social media, a focus that is aligned with our digital and new media initiatives.

Greene stated, “I’ve always loved Donna Karan’s creations. To be a part of the brands’ message is incredibly exciting because it feels like such an organic fit. It’s easy to talk about how these clothes work for my lifestyle, whether I’m in New York, L.A. or traveling for work.

Ashley follows in the footsteps of Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff, Alexa Chung, Anja Rubik, Harley Viera Newton, and Leigh Lezark who have been DKNY faces in the past years.

Great partnership considering she’s always been a fan! Cannot wait to see her ads for the brand!

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