More ‘Breaking Dawn ‘ promo for Ashley! She kicked off this day, November 5th, by doing a couple more press junket interviews along with co-star Jackson Rathbone, and later joined the ‘Cullen Clan’ members to meet fans at the Official ‘Breaking Dawn’ Twilight Convention! Pics, tweets and videos under the cut!

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Ashley was on hand for another big press day for ‘Breaking Dawn – Part I’. Keep an eye on this post for more updates as they come:

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Today was the press junket for ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ and although Ashley couldn’t be at the press conference as she had just arrived from NYC, she still made it in before the day wrapped and talked to a few media outlets. We’ll post interviews as soon as they start coming out!


theFABlife: Some Ashley Greene first impressions: eloquent, witty and bright. A total gem. Wearing a very cute red top! #BreakingDawn @ashleymgreene [x]

katespencer: Waiting to interview Ashley Greene. Christina Perri song blasting in press suite. Kinda making me emosh. #BreakingDawn #longfunday [x]

JasonKennedy1: Just finished 11 interviews for Breaking Dawn, thank you all for the great questions. Tune into   ENews tomorrow! [x]

joshuahorowitz:Just finished interviews with the entire Breaking Dawn cast [x]


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Ashley and co-star Jackson Rathbone paired for an interview with Access Hollywood| Source

now in GQ here!

And just like last year, they posed in Extra Tv’s Photo Booth! | via 1, 2


A new clip featuring Alice debuted on the MTV First: ‘Breaking Dawn’ special

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School Yearbooks photos of Ashley Greene!

Tue, 10.18.11 | 11:28:51 pm

Check out these cute school yearbooks pics of Ashley! The one to the left may not be new to some, but the second definitely is.

Stephanie: AshleyMGreene I went through some old yearbooks and found pics of you. You’re still as gorgeous now as you were then!” [Twitter]

Right? It seems like she just never had an awkward phase. Jealous! Hit the jump for the pics:

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MTV News recently caught up with Demi Moore, who stars in Ashley’s upcoming film ‘LOL’ and plays Miley Cyrus’ mom, and she dished on what we can expect from Ashley’s performance!

“With regard to Greene’s performance, Moore teased that moviegoers can expect to see a very different side of the “Breaking Dawn” star.
She’s saucy, she’s really saucy,” Moore said with a smile, which prompted her “Margin Call” co-star Simon Baker to chime in.
I love it when you say that,” Baker said. “Is she sassy too?
Sassy and saucy,” Moore promised.”

You can watch a video of the interview here!


In time for the holidays: Ashley’s hairstylist Ted Gibson and makeup artist Mai Quynh share how she stays picture perfect for the cameras in the new issue of The Hair Book magazine!

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We’ve earlier posted reports of Ashley and ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas supposedly bumping into each other and hanging together at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. The story has since been exaggerated in the press and Joe called into ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’, today, to debut a new single and clear those rumors:

“Hooked up? Wow! Um, well I’m sorry to disappoint all those, I guess you can call them Jashley fans, me and Ashley we’re still very cool,” he said. “We’re still good friends, and we talk quite a bit, but nothing romantic.”

“We actually kept bumping into each other,” he continued. “It was cordial and it was nice. Hooking up—if you’re talking about making out—that unfortunately did not happen.”

Thanks to starryeyed for the recording.

Tue, 09.27.11 | 8:28:05 am

  • Ashley returned to NYC and shot a new cover for BlackBook Magazine due out in November. She later attended Paris Carney‘s show at The Bitter End (Sept 26) [Twitter]
  • Jackson Rathbone‘s ultimate style icon is Audrey Hepburn but also loves Ashley’s and thinks she’s amazing! [Youtube, 00:34]
  • Ashley and Joe Jonas‘ friendly run-in(s) at Las Vegas airport and Tao nightclub [Twitter, Hauteliving, eonline, People, HollywoodLife, GossipCop]
  •   2 New old personal pics of Ashley and Joe Jonas in Jacksonville, FL last year [Tumblr]
  • Old pic of Ashley modeling for Next Level Apparel now in HQ [DiarioTwilight]
  • 44 New HQ pics of Ashley at the Calvin Klein show in NYC on Sept 15 [247Greene, Zip included]
  • More pics of Ashley at ‘Butter’ TIFF gala-premiere on Sept 13 [Marco Manna Photography,Tumblr]

  • Butter‘ to screen at The 19th annual Hamptons Film Festival (Oct. 13-17) [Variety] The 20th Philadelphia Film Festival (Oct. 20-3 Nov.) [] and The 26th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (Oct. 21-11 Nov.) [Examiner] Check the first clip from the film here.
  • If IMDb is to be trusted, Archlight Films seem to have dropped The Boom Boom Room a while ago and it’s no longer listed in Ashley’s filmography now. Filming was supposed to begin last summer. [IMDb]

Ashley was spotted out and about in New York City with her mom on Saturday afternoon (September 10). Also, below is a small Ashley mention in a new Kellan interview:

Lutz also caught a US Open match Friday, where First Lady Michelle Obama and First Daughters Malia and Sasha were in attendance. “I heard her kids love “Twilight,” and Ashley [“Twilight” co-star Ashley Greene] and I were hanging out and we’re like ‘let’s just go hang out with them and chat it up. ’ ” says Lutz, “But I only had a short time period to be there.”


Pics under the cut..

Check out this new interview with actress Suzanne Ford where she talks about ‘The Apparition‘ story and her role in the film:

One of your latest projects, The Apparition, is in post-production. Can you fill us in on the story line and tell us a little bit about your character?

Well, the story is terrifying, and is supposedly based on a real event, which in my opinion makes it even scarier. It’s also filmed (by director Todd Lincoln) very realistically, so people should be prepared to be freaked. In a nutshell (and trying not to give away any plot twists) the young couple Kelly and Ben, played by Ashley and Sebastian, are horrified to find out that they are being haunted, and hunted, by a supernatural force – an ‘apparition’ that was apparently accidentally conjured during a college parapsychology experiment. They turn to a guy who is an expert in the supernatural named Patrick, played by Tom Felton, who they hope can help, but it might be too late. Terror ensues.
My character, the flamboyant Mrs. Henley, appears briefly at a veterinarian’s office in an obscure desert town where Kelly is living in an attempt to evade the apparition. Mrs. Henley is an overtan, over madeup, bejeweled and talkative desert-denizen cat lover, and was a lot of fun to play. (I understand, however, that due to editing necessities my scene was almost entirely cut out of the film, so unfortunately you may not get a chance to see much of Mrs. H., as she was more comic relief than plot-driven.)

The three primary cast members come from other projects that have strong fan bases, (Ashley – Twilight, Tom – Harry Potter, Sebastian – Gossip Girl) were there any issues with fans interrupting shooting or waiting around to see them?

Miraculously enough, there weren’t crowds of fans – at least during my time on the set, which luckily was in an out-of-the-way location on the outskirts of Los Angeles, so the fans and the paparazzi seemed not to have discovered it, although I remember seeing some photos taken of Ashley on that very set, even though at the time I was completely unaware of any photographers lurking around. I must say that everyone on the crew was prepared, vigilant and very efficient at making the shoot run like clockwork, so I’m sure they had a master plan designed to avoid such eventualities.


Had its release date stayed the same, the Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan-starrer would open in theaters today (9/9/2011). Unfortunately, it now stands at a TBD 2012 release date. Bummer.

HollywoodLife spoke with Ashley’s Twilight co-star Elizabeth Reaser at Time Warner’s Beyond 9/11 Photo Exhibit on Sept 8 and she opened up about how similar she thinks Ashley and some of Twilight stars are to their respective characters!

“I adore Rob and Kristen. They are like family to me,” Elizabeth says. “They are both very shy and very sweet. Kristen is just a little sweetheart and I love her. And Rob is the same guy I met four years ago.”

“I almost feel like Ashley Greene is most similar to her character [Alice Cullen]. I don’t know if she’d agree with me. She has that sweetness and likeness and warmth and love of fashion … the aesthetic,” Elizabeth said. “Nikki Reed too, has a lot of Rosalie Cullen in her, a lot of fierceness, a lot of love, brilliant – there are pieces of all of us [in our characters]. Peter Facinelli too, he is such the dad on set to everyone. Great father, great family man.”


  ‘Butter’ starring Ashley Greene along with Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Olivia Wilde, Yara Shahidi, Alicia Silverstone, Ty Burrell, Rob Corrdry and Kristen Schaal had its world premiere at Telluride Film Festival yesterday (Sept 3rd), and will also screen at Toronto International Film Festival next week. The film was well received at  Telluride and  generated mostly favorable buzz! Check some of the early reviews under the cut (Feel free to add more to the comments!)

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Ashley’s stylist Christina Ehrlich talked to HollywoodLife about Ashley’s fashion sense and what they are gearing up for Breaking Dawn’s promotional tour:

While I’m sure most Twi-hards can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn, I’m looking forward to the mega promotional tour — I love seeing all the stars get glam on the red carpet, especially Ashley Greene. Luckily, I got to chat with her stellar stylist and brand ambassador for Via Spiga,Cristina Ehrlich, who told us what we can expect to see on the star.

Somebody like Ashley doesn’t need a lot,” Cristina said. “I’m very grateful that with her, we can put her in silhouettes that are very simple and she’s smart enough to know that they’re not boring — they’re simple and chic. You see a lot of young girls on the red carpet taking these big risks with colors and frills or cutouts and beading and I think they dress that way because they think more is more. I’m really flattered when the girls can trust that at the end of the day less is more. You don’t need to overdo it with the jewelry and makeup, you don’t want the dress to overtake the girl, especially someone as beautiful as Ashley. You should be able to see the beauty of Ashley and the dress is an accent.

Cristina, who has been working with the star for a couple of years, said the pair is really working on Ashley’s evolving looks and developing the arc of her style. “Girls like Ashley are veterans of the red carpet, with all of the events and premieres they go to she’s growing up quick. I like when she feels excited about what she’s wearing, even if she’s trying something that may be new, it’s a win-win. It has been really fun with her because in the time I’ve been working for her I’ve introduced her to new designers and she trusts me, and at the same time I hear what shes feeling” she said.

Both the stylist and the star are having fun taking risks on the red carpet, while still gravitating towards classic elegance, just like Anne Hathaway! “Ashley’s a really young girl with a beautiful body and she’s got a great sense of style. I’m trying to find her silhouettes that stay, very classic, very feminine, and very fashion forward that are also very timeless. When talking about Ashley I could use Anne Hathaway as an example — she’s young, always looks beautiful, and knows how to take risks wearing different things and trying different designers but at the same time there’s something fluid about her looks.



E! Interview:

Interview 1:

More videos under the cut..

Kellan revealed to E! that he’s thinking of sharing Ashley her NYC apartment (or maybe getting a new one together) for practical reasons!:

They’re already vampire costars and BFFs. And now, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene may be moving in together! The Twilight hunk tells me that he’s considering splitting an apartment with his castmate so they can both be bicoastal.

“I was talking to Ashley about maybe sharing a place out here in New York,” Kellan told me last night at DKNY’s Summer Sunglass Soiree in NYC.

So would they be actual roommates and everything?

“We’re never here at the same time but we both love New York. So we’d be rooommates without being roommates…more like housemates!” he explained.

Source E!online

John Isner reveals crush on Ashley Greene!

Tue, 07.12.11 | 11:43:51 am

Episode 2 of the popular “World of Tennis presented by BNP Paribas” will feature tennis professional and this past weekend’s Hall of Fame Tennis Championship winner, John Isner. The American star, currently ranked no. 36 in the world will appear alongside host Justin Gimelstob during the “Holding Court with Justin” segment where he reveals he has a secret crush on Twilight star Ashley Greene.  The two shared a moment during the 2010 ESPY Awards where Isner received the Breakthrough Performance Award. The 6 foot 9 Isner participated in the longest tennis match in history when he defeated Nicolas Mahut during Wimbledon last year in an 11 hour and 5 minute match that took place over the course of 3 days.    The show will air Wednesday night at 10:00 pm on Tennis Channel (re-airs on Thurs. At 11:00 am and Sun. At 7:30 pm) and on MSG Plus Saturday at noon.


‘90210’s’ actor Freddie Smith had recently confessed to having a crush on Ashley too!:

Q: Which other celebrity do you find attractive?
Freddie: Changes everyday, but right now, Ashley Greene. I recently saw her on the cover of a magazine and was in awe of how beautiful she looked. She has the most amazing eyes.