…Ashley Greene, who plays vampire Alice in the hugely-popular series, began working with Risa Sheppard intensively two years ago and the Pilates instructor says she began to notice changes very quickly.

“Ashley’s body is strong and flexible now.” says Risa. “My method is an overall conditioning workout that encourages clients to work with their bodies and to realise their own personal perfection. It combines Pilates, therapeutic exercise, and body awareness.

“Ashley was very eager to learn how to use her body correctly so as to not have injury as well as to keep her body in tip top shape.”

“Joseph Pilates says you feel good after 10 sessions, look good after 20 and have a new body after 30. With Ashley, I would say things started to change after 10 sessions only.”

The movement and body conditioning program, which Ashley combines with daily gym workouts in Los Angeles, include a series of mat exercises followed by sessions on the reformer (a special Pilates machine).

The regime has helped to strengthen Ashley’s posture and particularly her back.

“She came to us complaining of low back pain, and we helped that by strengthening her abdominals and back and posture,” adds Risa.

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