Ashley, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed and Charlie Bewley  stopped by The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA Thursday for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn –Part 1 cast and concert tour. Adding updates under the cut!

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According to a press release from NBC News: Ashley and co-stars Jackson Rathone and Nikki Reed will appear on ‘The Today Show’ next week! Check out the details below:

Wednesday, November 16 (7-9 a.m.): Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian discuss their new book, “Dollhouse.” People magazine’s sexiest man alive. The Rockettes live on the plaza. Today’s Kitchen with Nigella Lawson. Sweet dreams with Jenna Bush Hager.

(9-10 a.m.): Money 911. Answers to your embarrassing health questions. “Twilight’s” Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed and Ashley Green on Today. Hair tips from Louis Licari. James Patterson talks about his book, “Kill Alex Cross.” Terrence Brennan on Today’s Kitchen.

(10-11 a.m.): Jackson Rathbone on Today. Style Watches’ first annual denim awards. Blended families. Wines for your Thanksgiving table.

Thursday, November 17 (7-9 a.m.): Marilyn Monroe Auction. Is it time to buy a generator? Today Goes Green: Decorating your Thanksgiving table. Your Life Calling with Jane Pauley.

(9-10 a.m.): Today’s Professionals. Bobbie Thomas’ style buzz. Getting your home ready for Thanksgiving.

(10-11 a.m.):“Twilight” star Ashley Green on Today. Guys tell all. Easy retro Thanksgiving desserts.

Friday, November 18 (7-9 a.m.): Today’s Update: Embryo mix-up. 5 women who each lost 100 pounds. Home entertaining: How to fool your guests. Jeremy Renner talks about his new film, “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.”

(9-10 a.m.): What real estate you can get for your money. Holiday stress eating. Today’s Kitchen with Russell Brown.

(10-11 a.m.): Nikki Reed talks about “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.” Ambush makeovers with Jill Martin and Louis Licari. How to fix the 5 most common friendship fights. Throw a tailgate in high style.

Kelli Zink of caught up with Ashley, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and Charlie Bewley in Chicago to talk about ‘Breaking Dawn: Part I’.

Check out this gorgeous portrait of Ashley shot by Hollywood Chicago‘s photographer Joe Arce! The photo, taken during her stop in Chicago to meet at the House of Blues on Tuesday , is one of a couple other portraits of Ashley’s co-stars who were on hand for the event. Head over to Hollywood Chicago to check them all out!

Also, a new short interview with Ashley where she talked to Chicago Tribune about how her life has changed since Twilight:

Ashley Greene: “I feel like not much hasn’t changed. I think the only thing that hasn’t changed are my core friends and family. I worked in a restaurant before I became part of ‘The Twilight Saga.’ I was trying to get a job, and landing one like this is crazy. To go from working at a restaurant to having an incredible fan base and doing press tours all over the world, it’s been amazing.”

Ashley wore four different wigs — one for each installment — beginning with her Dido-like chopped hair in the original “Twilight.” She didn’t seem to mind them, but she also had input on her short-hair wig in the upcoming “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” films.

“This last (wig) was a collaboration with (director) Bill Condon,” Greene said. “Luckily he had the same vision I had for Alice (Cullen). This was a good way to end.”


For the original video quality watch here

New interview with Ashley from her stop in Paris, France as part of ‘Breaking Dawn – Part I’ Europe promotional Tour (October 23-25th, 2011). Thanks everyone who sent this in! Greene was my last interview of the day during the Breaking Dawn press junket, and I entered her hotel suite at the Four Seasons at 5 p.m. expecting to find her as tired as I was — if not more. She had just come off the European press tour for the film and was now knee-deep in promotion stateside, a whirlwind of interviews and appearances. But the actress, who was recently named the new face of DKNY, was chipper and chatty, dressed in a silky red tank, jeans and sky-high patent-leather beige heels. When I told her I wanted to geek out about fashion with her for the entire interview but was gonna try not to, she joked, “But for a portion, at least!” Sounded good to me!

TheFABlife: What’s helped you grow your style and fashion sense over the years?
Ashley Greene: I think it’s a lot of experiences. With Twilight, there’s been a lot of red carpets, fan events, press and talk shows. I work with a stylist named Christina Ehrlich and she’s been so incredible. She’s very collaborative and never tries to force anything on me.

TFL: Have you learned from past fashion missteps?
AG: I think one of the first mistakes you can make is wearing something because someone told you to wear it. And I’ve done it! We’ve all done it. [Ed. note: Yep, we have!]

TFL: What’s been your personal journey over these past four years while shooting Twilight?
AG: Figuring out who you are as a person is extremely helpful, which I’m of course still doing and am just starting. But when I was 20 I had absolutely no idea, and four years later I’m figuring all that out. Everyone’s always asking your opinion on things and you really have to sit there and think about it. You don’t just want to give some textbook answer. I know that I have this fanbase who’s actually listening to what I say, and so it forces you to sit back and really ponder things and think about them. And I think that’s a really good thing. I started paying a lot more attention to things going on around me. I think that forces you to grow as a person as well.

TFL: It seems like your strong personal sense of fashion was more evident in the character of Alice in this film.
AG: It was fun to dive into that world and try to create a little bit of an essence of who she was and incorporate modern day fashion to make her fit into the world. That was fun to do.”

TheFABlife have included a great gallery of Ashley’s style evolution from 2008 to the present, head over to their site to check it out!

Yesterday was another day for Ashley and co in their ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast and Concert tour. They stopped this time in Dallas, TX to meet fans at The Palladium Ballroom! All updates from the event so far under the cut:

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